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In 2021 Visma started collecting baseline sustainability data for all of our companies, a milestone that will help us further reduce our impact.

Key sustainability figures

11 519

Total GHG emissions (tCO2e)


Total GHG emissions per FTE (tCO2e)


Employee engagement (eNPS score)


Incidents related to non-compliance

Sustainability highlights 2021

1/ 5

Visma partners with atmospheric scientists to reduce CO2

Visma Megaflex embraces the circular economy

Sustynex – A product with big ambitions for ESG Disclosure

Reducing e-waste at Visma e-conomic

Carlsberg Byen – A vibrant and sustainable workplace

Furthering diversity in the industry

Diversity enables growth, better collaboration, and a dynamic work environment. Although we are far from achieving full diversity within the IT industry, we are working on it, and that will always be the first step of the journey.

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Sustainability Report 2021